‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Is Probably the Worst Thing Marvel Has Ever Produced

4 min readJul 11, 2022
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My Take

Hello, despite the absolute garbage that was ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ I still chose to waste my Dad’s hard-earned money to watch ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ because I had hope from Marvel in some corner of my stupid heart.

But I was so wrong, boy…so dead wrong. It brings me no joy to do this, but Marvel has been producing complete trash after the Infinity Saga. At least with Doctor Strange, I was hooked up to the film but with Thor, I was more concerned with my Nachos and Cheese popcorn. In hindsight, they were the only good thing in this film experience.

Thor: Love & Thunder’ is the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and I don’t reckon seeing a film this bad in my entire life on this planet, let alone the MCU. It is undoubtedly gonna go down as the worst thing that Marvel has ever made, it will make its mark in history.

This film with a duration of 1 hour 59 minutes, is one of the shortest MCU films and chooses to make no sense in terms of plot, character development, logic, humour or even basic sanity. I guess only the post-credits scene was of any actual use in this whole crap of a film.

With all the jokes missing the punchline rendering them ineffective, this film tried to transition from a superhero to a super-cartoon film but failed tragically with scenes and screenplay making it stupidly unrealistic I get it was all done in lieu of comedy but when your comedy should also make senseless sense.

The fighting sequence is decent, but the plot could have been written better by a 3-year old. So predictable, like it fails on all grounds you could analyse it on. The plot is not organic and you are forceful fed scenes which don’t make coherence, like just jumping around like a monkey mind.

Taika Waititi who directed great films like Thor: Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit and even co-wrote the script with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson seems lost and falls flat in his attempt to create whatever he was aiming for. Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale are heavily under-utilised. Gorr the God Butcher is basically Voldemort cloned together with Sméagol but devoid of any villainous…




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